Grain Bins and Grain Systems accessories manufactured for safety by Greene Galvanized Stairs.

From Blacksmith to Modern Fabricator

In the early sixties Paul Greene purchased a Blacksmith shop to support his growing family. In a 24' x 80' building Paul transitioned from sharpening plow shears to manufacturing items such as cattle hay feeders, tractor duals, spring loaded hitch pins, and grease gun holders.

Making grease gun holders included a lot of welding. In order to decrease the labor involved and to make a cleaner more attractive product, Paul consulted with a tool and die maker which resulted in the current holder design today. The need for fabrication equipment for the grease gun holders set the business up for the products made at Greene Galvanized Stairs® today.

Paul was selling short line farm equipment which had farmers asking for different products. One farmer wanted to buy a grain bin from Paul, and requested that Paul put the bin up himself. This sale led Greene Welding and Hardware, Incorporated into the grain bin business. Paul and his three sons, Bob, Dave, and Rex, built the bins while Cynthia, his wife, ran the office, sales, and hardware shop, plus kept the boys in line. The bin business grew more complex as the farms grew and available equipment increased. With the Blacksmith shop and some manufacturing capabilities, Paul and the boys started making products not readily available from suppliers.

In 1974, the school from which Paul's four oldest children graduated closed, and Greene Welding and Hardware, Incorporated bought the building, giving the business much needed growing room. This location has served Greene Galvanized Stairs® well for the last 30 plus years.

The need for a sectional stairway that would go in either direction, fit all sizes of bins, be easy to ship and easy to install was realized. Paul and his sons met the challenge and in the late 70's the Bin Stair was introduced and patented. In 1982 the Greene Galvanized Stairs® for grain bins was introduced with fewer parts, more versatility and easier installation. This design is still current today.

The product line grew first to Roof Stair, Walkarounds™, Roof ladder handrails, and Peak Handrails, all for the roof of a bin. Manwalks™, Conveyor supports and Towers were added to allow access between bins.

Bob and Dave left for other careers in the 1980's leaving Paul, Cynthia and Rex manufacturing stairs, building grain bins, and taking care of the office. In August of 1995 Paul had a major stroke paralyzing his right side. Paul and Cynthia retired and Rex and his wife, Rhoda, took over the business. Building grain bins was no longer feasible with the manpower available.

Paul served as chairman of the board and Cynthia as corporate secretary. Both have since retired from the operations of the company but still serve on the board of directors. Their knowledge and expertise in business have laid a stable foundation on which to continue to grow as a manufacturer.

Greene Galvanized Stairs® is still family owned and strives to continue in the tradition set forth by its founder, a tradition of integrity in business and respect for employees and customers.

Rex Greene is the President of Greene Galvanized Stairs®. In anticipation for the future and growth of the business he has been joined by his son Andrew Greene who serves as the Information Technology Manager. His daughter Mary Adams is the staff accountant as well as director of marketing. Mary's husband Mike is a sales engineer and works with Rex in product development and customer relations. This team is committed to the future of grain system safety and delivering products with a reputation that can be trusted.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a quality product at a reasonable price that is backed by exceptional customer service.

The impact of Greene Galvanized Stairs® is felt worldwide, but the products are made in the USA by American workers.

Paul and Cynthia Greene